Marketing Research

Why Is Qualitative Research Crucial In Marketing Research?

Qualitative research is used to gain understandings of the reasons and motivations about the research study. It is an exploratory process of observation and dialogue to collect non-numerical data, which provides insights about problem and helps in decision process.  

Although qualitative research is costly it is crucial in marketing research because you are able to understand the “why” behind the human behavior that a quantitative research doesn’t provide. Having the opportunity to understand the customers feelings and emotions provides to the company insights not only in decision making, but also in obtaining ideas on how their customers feel about their products or services and what evokes those feelings.

The top three qualitative research tools are customer visits, focus groups and interviews. When choosing the customer to visit, interview or to participate in a focus groups it is crucial to research about them to make sure they know about your product or services, or at least have an idea of it is all about in order to get specific insights. It is also important to prepare on how to conduct the visit, interview or focus group before meeting to get the understandings focused on the research study.

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