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What Are Buyer Personas And Why Are They So Important For Businesses?

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional characterization of your target customer. In other words, is the description of your ideal customers. Buyer personas rest on information about your current clients and potential clients based on market research. To create buyer personas businesses need to take into consideration many factors for such as their segmentation variable, and how they use the product or service (motivation and goals). Having multiple buyer personas for a business is typical, one specific person won’t meet all the characteristics other customers or potential customer have. 

Before getting more profound in the importance, below you will find some examples of the segmentation variables:

Why are buyer personas so important for businesses?

Understanding your audience is crucial when speaking about a marketing campaign. As I mentioned before, marketers need a clear description of their ideal customers to generate content and impact that audience. Buyer personas help the company identify specific needs and interest to fulfill all the pinpoints and desires of the consumers. Once the company generates a significant amount of insights, they can better engage and build a relationship. 

It is also important to understand each buyer persona individually to make the right marketing efforts for each of them. For example, if a toy company is looking to target children rather than adults, they won’t spend in digital channels that children don’t use. On the other hand, if they are trying to target those children parents, the marketing efforts will involve much more.

Keep posted. I will be writing about how to create a buying persona. 

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