Social Media Marketing

The Power of Crowd-Culture

Crowd-Culture is also known as cultural branding. It refers to content generated by individuals instead of brands. In social media, crowd-culture forms when online communities get together and share a cultural perspective, forming subcultures around different topics regarding their beliefs and tendencies.

Using social media to increase businesses visibility and stay connected with the audience is crucial. However, tendencies have changed, and creating brand content is not sufficient anymore. Nowadays, companies need to incorporate more cultural branding tactics to reach social media culture communities and engage with them and with their audience.

Why are crowd-cultures so powerful?

People care about what these social and online communities think, people, care about what they comment and about how they feel regarding a brand, product, or advertising. People believe in what they express, and if by any chance, a crowd-culture does not agree with what a brand post, publish, share, or comment, the brand interaction would probably fail.

Brands will become more visible on social platforms when they take advantage of crowd-culture and participate with their subcultures. The idea is to create meaningful content to as many people as possible.

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