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The Happy Marriage of Strategical And Tactical Marketing

As marketers, we can convey that marketing strategies and tactics are not the same, even though many people think these two words substitutable. I can interpret these two types of marketing as dependent variables. Why? Because the strategy is the approach we take in order to achieve the goal, so it depends on the goal (goal: what we want to accomplish in general terms for a specific timeframe).  On the other hand, the tactic is the action we take to execute the strategies, so it depends on the strategy. 

Strategical marketing and tactical marketing are like a happy marriage; they complement each other.

Strategical marketing is created based on the situation of the market, and to develop it, we need to recognize the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the industry in regards to the company. In this stage, we consider the goals and objectives of the company, because based on what we set there, we set the strategy.

Tactical marketing concentrates its efforts on the particular elements to achieve the strategies and at the same time, the goals of the company. In tactical marketing, we need to recognize in detail our target audience, to create the right tactics to reach them.

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