Aligning Sales and Marketing Teams to Succeed

In many companies, the sales and the marketing department are competing against each other to see which one generates more sales. Nowadays, companies that understand that these departments need to work together are the ones increasing their sales. Salespersons are even studying marketing to deeply understand the market and getter better techniques to increase their …

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Digital Marketing Strategies

Critical Thinking: Definition and Influence in Marketing

Let’s start by defining critical thinking. This discipline refers to the ability of thinking in an organized manner and applies, analyzes, and evaluates information generated by experiences, reasoning, and observations. Critical thinkers can understand the logical connection between ideas and draw congruent conclusions to make decisions and/or solve problems.  Why is critical thinking important in …

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Social Media Marketing

The Power of Crowd-Culture

Crowd-Culture is also known as cultural branding. It refers to content generated by individuals instead of brands. In social media, crowd-culture forms when online communities get together and share a cultural perspective, forming subcultures around different topics regarding their beliefs and tendencies. Using social media to increase businesses visibility and stay connected with the audience …

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Consumer Behavior

Google Shopping: Preventing Accounts Suspensions and Product Disapprovals

What is Google Shopping? Google Shopping is a service offered by Google. When consumers search for a product using their platform, they give them the chance to search, view, compare, and shop that product. This service is crucial for retailers, not only because Google sends consumers directly to their landing page, but also because they …

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