Start with Your Employees

Currently, customers are willing to receive more than just the product or service offered. They are seeking for a terrific experience within them and the brand, and executives already perceive it. So, where to start to develop an exceptional customer experience? Start with your employees!  

Your employees spend more time working and sharing with their colleagues than with their own family, and making them enjoy those hours will drive more benefits to the company than you might imagine. Employee’s experience, expressions, and mode impact customer experience. “Happy engage and empower employees = Exceptional customer experience,” a takeaway from Carmine Gallo video Richard Branson Reveals His Customer Service Secrets | Forbes.

Some tips to improve your EX (employee-experience):

  • Make your employees feel they are part of the brand.
  • Train employees to have the company’s attitude.
  • Treat them as well as you want them to treat their customers.
  • Allow them to be problem solvers.
  • Incentive them to give the extra mile.
  • Make them engage with the company.
  • Make them feel that your company is the place where they want to be.
  • Create a fun company culture.
  • Make them feel proud of themselves, the workforce, and the company.

“Employees passed their feelings to customers, cheer them up.” 

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