Omnichannel Marketing Increases Customer Lifetime Value

Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

Nowadays, every company is seeking to be at the forefront with digital capabilities to reach consumers more effectively. According to a 14-months study conducted by HBR in 2015-16, 73% of shoppers drive through multiple channels before making a purchase. They called this 73% of shoppers “omnichannel customers.”

Omnichannel marketing’s primary goal is to unify all platforms to create a seamless customer experience. By implementing omnichannel strategies, companies are not only forced to understand their customers better to create personalization, but it also builds customer loyalty, which goes hand in hand with customer lifetime value.

When companies take omnichannel strategies to their highest capabilities, they will be able to take advantage of each touchpoint to generate data, analyze it, and use it to increase customer lifetime value.

The idea is reaching the consumer at the right time, at the right channel, and keeping the seamless experience for the customer if they need to switch channels. However, it’s not only reaching the consumer, but it’s also reaching them only with the information that is valuable to them (personalized experience); Omnichannel tools, help companies identify the consumer preference.

How does Omnichannel Marketing Increase CLV? By taking advantage of each omnichannel benefit to convert abandoned carts into sales, better customer experience, and increase customer loyalty to be on top of mind the companies customers.

“Customers are seeking experiences. Omnichannel strategies will make the customer fall in love with your company.” 

Love = Customer Loyalty = +CLV

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