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Implementing Digital Ecosystems To Generate More Conversions

What is a Digital Ecosystem?

The digital ecosystem consists of the integration of digital channels and touchpoints to accomplish some business objectives. It is all about connecting these factors so that each one can support the other. 

What is a Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel is a way of describing the customer journey from the first interaction or the awareness stage to the conversion or the purchase stage. The funnel helps calculate the process of the campaign from the number of impressions to the number of purchases.

Mix them!

Using the funnel approach to organize the digital ecosystem for a product or service is the key to assure conversions.

The marketing funnel from top to bottom consists of awareness, consideration, and conversion (respectively). Let’s create an ecosystem taking into consideration each stage of the funnel and integrate digital channels and touchpoints to accomplish the objective of each stage. 

Eat Fit Meals is a weekly meal delivery service, which delivers meals on Sunday evening or Monday morning. The menu is sent out on Wednesdays and includes five options for Lunch and/or Dinner. This company is seeking to create awareness while educating consumers about the importance of eating fit meals not only to lose weight, but also to be healthier and live longer. 

While acknowledging the professionalism of the company, the consumer will accomplish the goal and convert. The company’s objective for this marketing strategy is:

  • To gain brand visibility
  • Get to the ideal prospects to download their free recipe e-book 
  • Acquire a “free trail day meal” and/or purchase their meal-prep.

“Every touchpoint is a chance to prolong the connection with customers.”

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