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Google Shopping: Preventing Accounts Suspensions and Product Disapprovals

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a service offered by Google. When consumers search for a product using their platform, they give them the chance to search, view, compare, and shop that product. This service is crucial for retailers, not only because Google sends consumers directly to their landing page, but also because they obtain insights to optimize strategies.

Now that you have a brief understanding of what Google Shopping is and why it is crucial for retailers. Let’s talk about how we can prevent Product Disapprovals and Accounts Suspensions from Google.

Everyone wants to advertise on Google to reach their ideal customer at the best time. Google receives a considerable amount of campaigns daily and understating how to prevent Product Disapprovals, and Accounts Suspensions is quite essential. To do so, the user must have a clear understanding of Google Policies. Below you will find common policies that you must take into consideration always to avoid these concerns with your campaign: 

  • Price: Your product price must match on Google Shopping and your landing page.
  • Availability: Your product availability must match on Google Shopping and your landing page
  • Landing Page: Make sure your landing page is updated and don’t show as under construction or displays any error.
  • Checkout: Make sure you have a secure checkout on your landing page.
  • Return or Refund Policy: Make sure to specify the return and/or refund policy in each product on your landing page.
  • Prohibited content:

– Fake products: imitation products with identical logo or trademark that want to pass as a genuine product.

– Dangerous products: Google don’t want to promote products that cause harm, injury, or damage.

– Inappropriate Content: Content the promote discrimination, violence or intolerance.

  • Prohibited Practices:

– Ad Network Abuse: Malicious content, companies that want to gain a dishonorable advantage in their campaigns and try to bypass Google’s review process.

– Misrepresentation: advertising or promotions that misinform about your product (does not provide accurate information).

– Irresponsible Data Collection: Credit and debit card numbers, bank accounts numbers, emails with passwords, wire transfers numbers, tax ID, social security, driver’s license numbers, etc.

  • Restricted Content: adult-oriented, copyrighted.

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