Feelings Always Matter – CX

Are you wondering why your customers did not come back if you offer better products and/or services than your competitors?

Isn’t it all about your product or service. It’s all about how you make your customers feel in their journey to acquire your product or services, and in the type of relationship, they maintain with the company.

What is Customer Experience? 

Defining it from a marketer point of view, I can tell that is the take away from each interaction the customer has during their buyer’s journey.

Nowadays, customers not only compare brands and products, but also compare how user-friendly and proactive is the company while solving problems, providing multiple channels buying options, easy to access customer service, etc. Customers might like more a product from a company, but choose the competition because of their user-friendly relationship. For this reason, investing in marketing efforts focused on CX is crucial for every company.

There are endless benefits that CX provides, but improving customer retention and satisfaction, increasing cross-selling and up-selling are at the top of the line. Satisfied customers become loyal customers that want their friends and family also to be customer. However, to succeed when applying this strategy, there’s one thing you should always have in mind “start by removing frictions from the buyer’s journey and stop selling  products, start delivering experiences.”

“The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers.” – Shiv Singh

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