Discover How Companies Are Implementing Omnichannel Marketing

Technology is pushing customers to oblige companies to make their life easier, disregarding the type of product or service. For this reason, personalizing customer experience is the marketing trend. Customers are seeking to feel part of the brand and receive seamless attention at any hour and by any channel. Little by little, companies are applying strategies to please clients and let them control their access to support, products, and services. Below you will find the top two I considering are winning in the omnichannel marketing experience.

Bank of America:

I chose this company because I have a banking and finance background, and I used to work in one of the most elite banks in Panama. 

With their mobile app or website (since you can stop your process and switch from your smartphone to your computer), clients can make appointments, deposit checks, request cards, and pay bills.

Mobile App

But this isn’t everything, Bank of America now launch Erica. A virtual finance assistant that with voice recognition helps you with transactions serve as a reminder to pay bills, monitor recurring charges to let you know any change, and many more.

Erica – Virtual Assistant


I chose Disney because I am planning a Magical Disney trip with my family, and the omnichannel I’ve been through with this brand is fantastic! 

This magical brand created “My Disney Experience,” and it’s available as an app for smartphones and is synchronized to their website so you can log in. You will feel a seamless experience through these two channels and also if you call or chat with their customer service since they will have all the information on your account.

With this tool, you will be able to:

  • Schedule your experience to make the most out of every park
  • Order food
  • Make reservations in restaurants
  • Get fast passes for attractions, and many more.
My Disney Experience

As I mentioned before, they also have “Magic Bands,” with this wristband guest will feel free and enjoy their experience. Why? This band is your ticket to enter, your fast pass and reservations access, your wallet, your room key if you are staying in their resorts, and they even send your shopping bags to your room, so you don’t have to be carrying bags in the park. 

Magic Band

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