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Developing A Successful Survey Research

What is survey research?

Survey research is a questionnaire applied to collect specific data from a large sample of individuals. It is a tool utilized to conduct a marketing research study, which provides quantitative data by conducting statistical analysis.

The key to conduct a successful survey research is to develop an outstanding questionnaire. To do so, the person who will execute the questionnaire must excel in the questionnaire design process and apply the best practices to motivate the audience to participate and keep them motivated through the entire survey.

The procedure of the questionnaire design process consist of generating a list of topics to develop the questionnaire, provide this first draft to the leader, edit and develop a second draft for comments, once the draft is approved, pretest and launch the survey.

Some of the best practices that should be applied to maintain the audience motivated:

  1. Motivate the audience with rewards or incentives.
  2. Short is better; if the survey is too long people will answer whatever only to get the incentive, make it short to collect useful data.
  3. Start with interesting and clearly relevant questions.
  4. End the questionnaire with demographic and other classification questions. Although this is crucial information to evaluate, in general these are considered “ boring” questions that should be presented at the end of the questionnaire.
  5. Pursue the most professional appearance possible.

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