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Decision Trees – Definition, Benefits, and Programs

It’s natural to deal with making decisions every day, from our daily outfit to crucial business decisions. Critical thinking skills permit us to determine the problem and look for the solution, either on our own or with a team to brainstorm about it. However, nowadays, there are methods like Decision Trees that help companies go further and take out the most from the brainstorming track to pinpoint possible solutions.

What are Decision Trees?

A decision tree is a tree-style diagram that illustrates consequences and solutions for a specific decision. The reason for the “Tree” in the name is because it’s started with a “root” (the starting point or situation), and is followed by “branches” (questions) and “leaves” (decisions or final outcomes).

Watch a video of Syncopation for a simple decision tree example.

When you are developing a decision tree, you become more visual, and that helps to:

  • Identify more outcomes and actions
  • Create a detailed diagram with the stages of the process to have a clear picture of the situation.
  • The stages will act as a procedure to guide the team when you’ve chosen a path.

There are programs to create decision trees. They simply provide the decisions and outcomes based on the data you select from your database. Check out iBoske and Compassif you want to create a Decision Tree.

“Apply decision trees and get the best out of each decision you make.”

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