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Critical Thinking: Definition and Influence in Marketing

Let’s start by defining critical thinking. This discipline refers to the ability of thinking in an organized manner and applies, analyzes, and evaluates information generated by experiences, reasoning, and observations. Critical thinkers can understand the logical connection between ideas and draw congruent conclusions to make decisions and/or solve problems. 

Why is critical thinking important in marketing?

In order to create a marketing campaign implementing critical thinking disciplines are crucial. Marketers need to think outside the box and develop their campaigns, not only thinking about what they believe or what they think customers will like. Sometimes marketers follow their notion and create stories about how their audience will be able to perceive the messages sent through their campaigns. However, the reality is other, marketers need to determine the problem before looking for the solution, and here is when critical thinking takes place. 

Critical thinking forces marketers to conduct researches and answers several questions; these questions must be answered by thinking broaden. Questions like who will purchase the product or service, and how necessary is it? 

To conclude, we can determine that critical thinking is not an easy discipline. However, implementing it drive outstanding results in the marketing field. Why? Because the more marketers can analyze and scrutinize, the more they will be able to implement strategies and predict future trends.   

Watch this video and learn more about few steps to succeed in your critical thinking process.

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