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Applying The Golden Circle To Your Marketing Strategy

Simon Sinek presents his theory of “The Golden Circle” on one of his TED talks. With this theory, he expresses how successful companies can be if they communicate with their consumers “starting from why.” This circle shows three crucial questions (Why? How? What?) that every business must acknowledge to reach their customers. Companies can take advantage of this theory not only to achieve the company goals but also to apply it to their marketing strategies.

As marketers, one of our primary goals is communicating, educating, and informing consumers about a brand, product, or service and maintaining a relationship. However, it’s not only about what you are selling, but it’s also about why you do it and how you make your customers feel (to learn more about customer’s experience, read my Feelings Always Matter – CX post.) For this, reason applying “The Golden Circle” to your marketing strategies is crucial.


When you know your why, and you let your customers know it (through your marketing efforts), you are getting to touch their feelings and emotions. It’s not the same to say, “We have the most comfortable and long-lasting clothes for your baby” than to say, “We care about your little ones and clothing is essential for their development, come and try our comfortable and long-lasting clothes.”


Use your marketing efforts to explain proactively (applying storytelling methods) how can your brand, product, or service helps your consumers to solve their problems.


Finally, show what they can acquire from you, use CTA to lead them to the product or service.

“Reach your consumers through emotions; buying decisions are emotional.”

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