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Applying Design Thinking to your Marketing Strategies

As marketers thinking about what we believe or what we think the customer will like is a misconception. We must understand the unique needs of our target audience from all angles to create significant marketing strategies.

What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking focus on the approach of deeply understanding the target audience. This method consists of a five steps process used to find ideas and solve problems (empathize, define the problem, ideate, prototype, test). By taking advantage of this method, companies will be able to find the answer to the questions that will help them to discover the right solutions for their customer problems.

By understanding the audience, companies will not only be able to create a better product or service that satisfied their customer needs but also to create the right marketing campaigns to engage with them.

How to apply this method to marketing?

The principal goal of every marketing team is to connect with the audience. This connection can be directed through consumer’s emotions, and beginning by empathizing with them is a good starting point to your brand recognition. When customers acknowledge that you are trying to empathize with them, to find better ways to solve their problems, they are most likely to convert.

Marketing research sources enters in this first step of design thinking. When doing interviews, focus groups, and surveys, companies take a real human approach that is very helpful to let them understand their customer pain points and outstandingly solve them.

“When doing marketing, forget about product features and focus on telling a story about how you are solving your customer’s problems.”

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