Aligning Sales and Marketing Teams to Succeed

In many companies, the sales and the marketing department are competing against each other to see which one generates more sales. Nowadays, companies that understand that these departments need to work together are the ones increasing their sales. Salespersons are even studying marketing to deeply understand the market and getter better techniques to increase their sales. So, if you want to increase revenue and your sales and marketing teams are not working together, you are losing your time. Keep reading to learn more about the importance and benefits of aligning these departments.

Acknowledge the goals

Sales and Marketing teams have the same goals; generating more revenue, driving more sales, increasing brand awareness, etc. In order words, working for the growth of the company. The difference between each department is the path in the customer journey where they enter to collaborate in approaching these goals.

It’s crucial to understand the importance of the benefits a company will gain when these two teams work together. Why? For example, imagine that the marketing team creates a brand personality within the digital platforms of the company (engaging, creating conversations, etc.). Then the sales team reach this audience and approach them with a different personality; there will be no symmetry; the message will not be consistent.

Benefits of aligning marketing and sales teams

  • Huddles to identify customer needs to develop the best strategies to reach the audience. Based on the information gathered by each team.
  • Generate more revenue.
  • Retain more customers and increase CLV.
  • Increase valuable leads.

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