Founder of Marketing Weekly Tips

Olga Robinson holds a Banking and Finance degree from Universidad Catolica Santa Maria La Antigua in Panama. Currently, she is a Master of Science in Marketing student at Florida International University.

Olga developed her banking and finance expertise working in the Panamanian banking sector, as a Global Banking Analyst. She is known for providing quality customer service to local and international clients, maintaining client accounts and ensuring compliance with KYC (know your customer) policies, examining the client’s financial history (business statements, personal financial statements, legal agreements, etc…), and maintaining relationships with local and international professionals in various fields, such as attorneys, CFAs and CPAs, for referrals.

Olga is recognized for her dedication protecting the bank’s assets and reputation, by excelling in AML (anti-money laundry) regulations, acknowledging FATCA and CRS reports, performing due diligence processes and analyzing client’s objectives.

Olga decided to study a master degree in Marketing for her personal and professional career to excel in strategic areas that are essential in today’s business environment: Digital Marketing, Brand Development, and Marketing Analytics.

She enjoys writing to inspire others to achieve their personal and professional goals. Her content is about crucial marketing topics that companies should take into consideration to make their marketing dollars’ worth it.

Olga is also known as a dedicated, responsible, punctual and hard working person. One of her personal goals is to become an entrepreneur creating her own business to develop her brand and legacy. Her financial and marketing skills will help her achieve this goal. In her free time, Olga likes participating in extracurricular activities, like visiting a senior public house. She loves staying active and enjoys joining soccer teams and Zumba classes.

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